Saudi Arabia has its roots in the first civilization of the Arabian Peninsula. It was an important trade center, and the place of pilgrimage for many Muslims around the world. In areas of Saudi Arabia today is a monotheistic religion founded, in 622 when Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, it arose and spread to the Arabian Peninsula Muslim fundamentalist Wahhabi movement. As a result, there has been a union of Arab tribes and create a Wahhabi state whose ruler was Nadżdu-Muhammad ibn Saud, the founder of the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia today. At the end of the nineteenth century (c. 1887) of the Wahhabi state ceased to exist as a result of internal struggles and the intervention of the Ottoman Empire. Najd was occupied by the conditions in the Jabal Szammar emirs of the dynasty Raszydytów, Saudis and went into exile in Kuwait.